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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Back to SF!

I woke up late today because I slept late again last night. I just couldn't sleep. I guess I'm becoming an insomniac! Anyway, I cleaned the house and did the rest of my laundry (I forgot about it the other day and I left it in the washer). Oops! Then Al called. We talked last night about meeting today. He wanted to see me and I could not say no because I miss him so much. I guess a lot of people are hating me lately for seeing him again. But its wierd because my family here in Fremont wants us to work it out. I don't know. Anyway, he suggested that we both do the job hunting together. I said okay right away. And my cousin Michelle also called because she wanted to borrow my laptop. For some reason, the powerpoint that I did few days ago is not showing enough effects on their computer. Then I figured its because I have Windows and Office XP and they are operating it on Windows 98 I think and Office 2000. She also requested that I buy fishballs for her from Tapioca Express because she said she's craving for it. So I went there to deliver the laptop and the food. I saw Ryan her boyfriend and he gained weight. Same with Michelle. Michelle and Ryan, if you are reading this, don't eat too much, okay? <-- look who's talking! Hahaha. Anyway, Al and I went to Peninsula Works to look for a job. We only had 1 hour to use the computers so I just updated my resume on CalJobs. Then we just hung out at Fort Funston to sleep and be together. I must admit, I was glad to see him again, although I don't know if I'm doing the right thing. I guess I'm blinded by love.


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