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Sunday, October 12, 2003

Concert Blues

I went to my class today for the whole day. I woke up late so I was rushing to get ready and speeding on the freeway to Cal State Hayward. I thought I was gonna get a ticket for sure. Class was a breeze and it was fun. Most of my classmates were my classmates from my last class so we know each other. I felt comfortable. My instructor had donuts for breakfast and I was tempted to get one but I had to control myself coz I'm getting hecka fat! Anyway, I called up a friend of mine during our lunch break and he said that he was trying to reach me since last night. I didn't get that message but I asked him what was up. He said he has access to getting us into the Martin and Pops concert if I was interested, provided that we help set up some stuff. I said, of course! But I didn't bring any clothes for the event and I was wearing my sweats. I had to go home for lunch and rush to get some clothes (and eat a little bit of lunch at the same time, hehehe).

After school, I went straight to my friends house where we are meeting two other people, one who is the daughter of a main sponsor of the event and the other was my friend's niece. We then proceeded to Cow Palace and went through the back doors to get in. We hooked up with KTSF to help them with putting their flyers on chairs until they ran out. Anyway, we came across a problem because after doing all that work, we did not get our access badges right away! The daughter of one of the sponsors who was with us got so pissed coz she also helped with the artists' accomodations and transportation. She is also the sales manager of one of the leading hotel chains in the country. Anyway, to make a long story short, the production company taking care of the event took care of her (they knew each other) and were very apologetic, giving them the badges and seat tickets too. I actually got my pass earlier than them because my name was listed in the ushers list and I did work somewhere else. They said that I didn't have to do that since I helped out already and they said just to enjoy the show. The concert was really good, although Pop's voice was amazing at first and then later on, she could not blend well with Martin on some songs because she sang off key a lot of times. I like the medleys they sang, although I would appreciate it more if they sang original songs, not cover songs. After the show, it is still obvious that they were still pissed about what happened and they talked about it all night long, hehehehe. What happened was so messed up!


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