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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

A Day to Remember

Today is British Sea Power day! Al has been waiting for this moment for years now...I bought him tickets online for $8 each as a very late birthday gift to see their show (finally) at Bottom of the Hill. We are just so glad that the band has decided to finally have a gig in SF! Anyway, we got there at 8:30 pm in time to see the first opening band, Citizens Here and Abroad which we already seen open for Polyphonic Spree. Mellow Drunk was the second band and we weren't really interested in them so we just played pool. Al beat me of course and won 2 games. I won one game by default (hahaha) because he accidentally got the 8 ball in. Lucky me, hehehe. So right when the second band was done, we immediately went in front of the stage and I got my digital cam ready. We watched them while they set up their instruments and twigs/leaves/owl props. As soon as the lights dimmed, we were screaming for them, anxious to get the concert started. Then they came out, sporting socks and old british uniforms. So cute! They rocked! And they rocked hard! I was so glad to be able to hear their music live!

After the show, Al got 2 set lists (one for me and him), bought me a BSP shirt and a CD for him. He also hung out with the band and smoked outside with the keyboardist while they signed the set lists and the CD cover. I took Al's pic with the band members and he still introduced me as his wife while I shook their hands. Their accents are so cool! Wow. I am just star struck. I got good pics and a moving clip of the concert and of them by the way. They told us that they were at the Phoenix Hotel. Cool! Anyway, we were on a high and we were also hungry so we passed by Thai Noodle on Geary. They were closed but good thing they were still taking orders to go. We then proceeded to Oyster Point Marina in South San Francisco, parked, ate and hmmm...I was so sleepy too and I was starting to have a headache. I think I drank too much (I have low tolerance on alcohol because I am not really a drinker, only when there is a concert). I had a little bit of heineken and 2 smirnoffs. I wasn't even sure if I could drive. Al insisted on driving me home all the way to Fremont but I told him I can manage. But the truth is, I thought I could but while I was driving, I was tempted to pull over twice just to rest and sober up. I also almost hit a car because I was so drowsy and my eyes were unconsciously drooping near my exit. I don't know what woke me up, maybe my guardian angel did! I probably got home around 5 am. That was truly a night to remember.

Al hangin' out with BSP keyboardist Eamon.


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