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Monday, October 27, 2003

Flight Woes Take Two!

My aunt cooked a really good omelet with red pepper and ham for breakfast. We had to get ready to go to my Lola Linda's house to get my aunt's dress altered for tonight's event. I met Daryl, my aunt's friend and he was really nice. When we went to Lola Linda's, I noticed that her swimming pool had ashes in it because of the wildfire here in LA! How funny! But they said that it was pretty bad for the past days because they could not see the sun. At least today its a bit sunny (and not to mention hot!) Then we went to pick up Melodie at school while Michelle drove. Then we picked up Mickey from school too. Then we went to The Block. Last time I was there was a few years ago with Al, Jeff and my uncle Jef. It was still new and nicer at night. When we got there, I noticed that it was old and some of the areas worn out, not like before. I remember the Vans Skatepark because it was new then and it was packed. Now it looked old. And I specifically remember it then because I wished we had it in the Bay Area. Now we do, hehehe. We wanted to watch Scary Movie 3 but we checked the schedule and figured that we wouldn't make it so we just went shopping, Liz bought 12 boxes of Macadamia Chocolates, Michelle bought some hawaiian slippers for her and Ryan (and she bought my aunt a lei for her grad), and Mickey would just be pissin' off Melodie, hehehe.

Then we went to this place called the Asian Garden Mall and Liz bought clothes and stuff for Nicole and Brandon and we all looked at jewelry, while Mickey counted all the jewelry stores, hahaha. Then we rushed right home, changed and went straight to The Grove (next to Anaheim Stadium) for the grad ceremony. Auntie Chic was so cute with her traditional nurse's uniform and we all took family pictures and pictures of her with her classmates. We were all screaming for her while she got her diploma. And then we left even when the ceremony was not finished yet. Right after she received her diploma, we snuck out of the building to catch our flight back. But before the flight, I called to confirm if it is on time and they said that it was cancelled. So we had to rebook our flight from LAX to Orange County (which was closer) just to catch the earliest next available flight. On our way home, one of the cars overheated so we had to stop twice while it gets cooled off. But we had to go ahead, so we left them behind while Melodie drove us home to eat and get our stuff, and then go straight to the airport which she has never gone to yet. In one hour's time, she had to figure out were the airport is at. She got directions and then got there in 20 minutes! I was proud, hahaha. Then we tried to get a 9:50 pm flight but we were on stand by (again). When they boarded, they announced that they could not accomodate stand bys. Darn! But then our real flight was still on for 10:30 pm. We thought that we had enough time so I had to go to the rest room and then we bought food at McDonald's. But the stupid cashier was hecka slow and lazy that we almost missed our flight. We were running to the gate when we heard the final call for boarding on our plane and that they were gonna close the doors soon. We just made it 5 minutes before they were gonna close the doors. Phew! I was tired and we got the last seats at the end of the plane and we did not sit together. I was also dizzy when the plane took off and my ears got clogged again that it bothered me - I really hate sitting at the back of the plane. Anyway, Kuya Jon was already waiting for us when we landed and we got home. I checked my messages right away and guess who called twice? I never learn...

My cousins on a huge bean bag.

My auntie getting a lay from my cousin.


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