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Thursday, October 30, 2003

Focusing on Work

Okay, I haven't been focused lately but today I have to because I have a meeting at 1 pm for more projects. Yikes! And I haven't sent my invoices for October yet. Oh well...I went to the firm to meet with the executive director. I gave her my invoice and she said that she will cut a check for me tomorrow. Good, coz I need the money, hehehe. Anyway, I will have to come back tomorrow and train one of the employees in using a software to enable her to edit text on a template I created for HTML invites. She was inviting me to their company holloween party tomorrow. I said yes but I am actually gonna just call them and tell them that I can only make it 2 hours after. Then I don't have to go through the process of socializing and just go straight to the food. Besides, I'm really anti-social. Al was with me and he waited in the parking lot after driving around California Ave.

After the meeting, we went straight to San Francisco to eat at Tu Lan, our favorite hole in the wall Vietnamese restaurant. I've seen cast members of MTV's Real World San Francisco eat there once and they were right beside us. But the place is ghetto as hell. The food is good though. We just ordered shrimp fried rice and imperial roll...yum! We parked at Civic Center beside the SF library just to eat. Afterwards, we walked to the Asian Art Museum to check it out. But it wasn't free (first Tuesday of the month is free) so we left and walked to SF City Hall. I wanted to show him the inside structure because its architecture is magnificent inside and out. It is described as a French Renaissance-style Beaux Art landmark where grand balls are usually held and their 24 carat gold trimmings restored. We were also joking around about smiling and holding each others hand while running through a flock of pidgeons with the background music 'Its Not Unusual' by Tom Jones in our heads (think of the intro and retro 60's scene), hehehe. We went in and we walked through the different rooms. It seems that they were preparing for a special occasion, with tables and wine glasses being arranged for a special event in the evening near a long flight of stairs that almost looks ballroom like. Very elegant. We checked out their gift shop and Al saw an SF street sign that said 'Sacramento'. That was cool. I wanted to have it but I was teasing him that I was Enriquez already, hehehe. We even checked out their restrooms and marveled at the marble floors, hahaha! I also showed him the Mayor's office of Neighborhood Services where I almost worked at but I declined it since I got the job at the firm already. Then we walked back to my car.

We then went back to Daly City to pick up my mail in my PO Box. I was shocked to get a package because I didn't order anything. It came from my Visa card and they sent me a smart card reader for my computer. I guess they have a promo but I might check it out. I am kinda curious how that smart chip on credit cards is used. I guess I'll find out soon. Then we drove to Manila Eatery in Colma to get Mitchell's Avocado Ice Cream (we were originally gonna go to the one in San Jose Ave. but at the time we were still so full). And then we hung out at Barnes and Noble so we can read NME and get our copy of the SF Bay Guardian, hehehe. I dropped off Al then passed by my friend's place, Annabel, to give her some pictures of my Lolo when he very young and another picture when he was older. She will give it to her boyfriend, David, who is doing the illustration of my upcoming children's book - gosh, I do hope it gets published.

Later at night, I checked my emails. Gosh, people have been emailing me work! And I'm kinda tired. Maybe I'll friendster for a while, hehehe. And it will probably take me the whole night and I won't accomplish anything again. Speaking of Friendster, I read an article in Spin Magazine while we were at Barnes earlier saying that it is very addictive, even more addicting than coccaine. That cracked me up! Oh yeah, check out too. How funny!


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