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Sunday, October 19, 2003


I just updated my pics on friendster to suit my mood during a certain day, week or month, whenever I check it. Go check it out. And don't forget to friendster me! =P

I forgot to mention an old internet phenomenon that I found out in class yesterday called All Your Base Are Belong to Us. The music is playing over and over in my head. Search it on google, play the video and find out! Its really cool (and old)! I also wanted to get the XM satellite radio so I could listen to the Fred and Ethel stations. A friend of mine told me about it and I am just so curious! I heard they play good stuff and that's what I need just about now!

Here is my playlist of the day:

Longwave - Best Kept Secret
Placebo - Bitter End
Idlewild - Modern Way of Letting Go
Kings of Leon - Molly's Chambers
Postal Service - Nothing Better / Such Great Heights
Junior Senior - Move Your Feet
Burning Brides - Arctic Snow
Jet - Hello My Friend


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