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Thursday, October 23, 2003

Home Sweet Home

My back is killing me today (I have bad posture) so I had to stay home. I was feeling down too because Al promised to call and I was waiting the whole day. I got bummed out coz he didn't. To keep me in a cheerful mood, my sister-in-law bought tagalog movies (she's really into them and even collects a lot of DVDs). We watched 'Pinay Pie' and it was funny but not so much. I like the Ai-Ai parts, hehehe. (I'm so shallow!) Anyway, later during the day, my older brother bought another DVD 'Boat Trip' which was also a comedy with Cuba Gooding Jr. It was funny (I like Horacio Sanz) but the movie was crappy (sorry). I also watched a marathon of 'I Love the 80's Strikes Back' on VH-1. Hahaha, I'm watching VH-1, signs of aging on my part! I also kept surfing the web, did a little bit of work and checked my emails. I stayed home bored until tonight...


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