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Monday, October 20, 2003

Job Hunting

Yes, you're reading it correctly. I am officially job hunting right now! It gets boring working at home (and distracting too) that I never get any work done. My class is officially over until next winter semester. So if you guys have any openings, let me know! So what did I do today? I finally did my laundry for the month then redid my resume so I can send it to employers. I also sent out my invoice for the services I did for my clients. I sent it late coz I keep forgetting to input my services on quickbooks. Then I passed by Adecco to give my resume but they told me to call a certain person and make an appointment first. Then I went to DC with my older brother and sis-in-law to get my tax papers from a realtor who was helping me buy a house but I backed out since I quit my job last August. I guess my relaxing time is over! I also went with them to do their errands and pick up my mail. Then I went home to help my niece with her homework. I forgot that I had to accompany her to her field trip tomorrow. Oh boy, I'm starting to forget things! I guess I'm getting old!


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