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Sunday, October 19, 2003

Phone Call

Today was the last day of my second class this semester. I'm glad its over and I had fun. I was very productive in class and I think I did well. Anyway, I was also kinda bummed out about my weekend because my niece and nephew are in Tracy and my brother and sis-in-law went to Las Vegas without me (coz I can't go with them since I have a class). Sucks! I so wanted to go Las Vegas. Oh well, maybe next time. They said they might go again end of this month. I just feel alone today at home. Then guess who called?

Another odd thing that happened today is that I got phone calls at night - after 12 midnight. How cool! For awhile, I thought people weren't thinking about me, hehehe.

Later during the day, I was watching TFC with family and they showed a special on street food in the Philippines. I suddenly became nostalgic of the Philippines and craved for crispy fish balls! My sis-in-law's sis craved too and told me to go with her at Tapioca Express because they have fish balls and other stuff like crispy chicken, etc. So we went quickly. Then my cousin, Michelle, and her best friend, Sheryl, called because they got lost on their way to my place. They wanted me to do a powerpoint presentation for Sheryl's wedding. They found their way, stayed the whole day and went home at night just to add more pics, proof, time the songs and save it. It was finally done! Phew!


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