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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Reconnecting with Old Friends!

Since I am still in a bad spell for the past days (maybe partly because of the concert I watched last saturday, watching Sweet Home Alabama on DVD yesterday, seeing friends get hitched and having kids recently, my funds depleting, plus I have nothing to do except think, and I have my period), I keep wondering where Al is at this very moment. I try to pre-occupy myself but I end up thinking more about him at the end of the day. But I gotta stay strong. I just gotta.

My cousin's best friend is getting married on the 25th and she wanted me to do a powerpoint show for her. They've been together for 7 years and I've seen them grow up. That's what I did today - scan pictures and designed it for the presentation. I finally finished it and embedded their theme song on it, and it just made me more sad...I started remembering our times together, especially when I looked at the pictures - it reminded me of our travels and happy moments. But I gotta stay strong. I just gotta.

An old friend of mine, Michelle, wanted to go out for dinner. Cool! 'Coz I haven't seen her for a long, long time (couple of years, til we bumped into each other accidentally at Costco few months ago). We had dinner at Pasta Pomodoro in Union Landing and caught up with each other, told life stories and vented, vented, vented! We were joking around about the place, how we liked it before it became commercial. I guess that's how old we are. Then I had memories of him again when we used to eat on Market St. in San Francisco. Gosh, every place around me is a memory! Then we hung out some more at Borders. Good thing I don't have memories of Al there. We usually hang out at Barnes and Noble just to read the newest editions of NME. Oh well, memories again! Back to Michelle, I was so excited to see her. And I had fun. For a while, I forgot. Then I got home. But I gotta stay strong. I just gotta...


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