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Friday, October 31, 2003

Trick or Treat?

Monstrous day today!?! Mwahahahaha...Happy holloween to everyone! In my mind, I wanted to go to the Castro to celebrate. But I have to take care of business first. I went to the firm to pick up my check and train one of the employees on how to use a software. I got there 2 hours late and when I got there, the person I was suppose to train was already too busy. My bad. We talked and set it for Monday instead. Also, the IT manager didn't install it yet (but it only takes 5 minutes anyway). So I had to go back there on Monday. It's okay, I just needed to get paid! Hehehe...

Then we went to the bank to deposit, got some cash so Al and I can eat out. We passed by Union Landing but nothing caught our fancy so I brought him to Tapioca Express because he was craving for fish balls and I wanted avocado shake! We were thinking of going the Castro tonight for holloween but my sis-in-law called and asked me if we wanted to go to the Maze in Fremont. We were gonna go and they waited but as soon as we started our car, it wouldn't start. So when they called again, I told them the situation. Al walked all the way to the corner gas station to get some gas while I waited in the cold weather inside the car. As soon as he put some gas and the car started, we proceeded to the next gas station to fill it up. But as soon as we passed a block, Kuya Jon called called and said that they were in the area of SSF already. How nice of them to help! But we were okay already. So Liz and him followed us to the gas station and we all went to Sinugba to eat dinner on Kuya Jon. There were people with costumes eating there, and the kids were so cute! I guess we will have to go to the Maze another time!


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