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Sunday, October 26, 2003

Trip to LA

Today, Liz and I are flying to LA to see my aunt and go to her graduation. I am so proud of her. Despite everything that she went through, she inspires me to be strong and independent, and hopeful of the future. Out trip is a surprise and our cousin is picking us up. I'm excited to see her and my other cousins!

Okay, here are the details of my horrific experience at the Oakland airport! Our flight got delayed because of an ongoing wildfire in Southern California so all airports were closed and some flights were either cancelled or delayed. They announced that it could take 6 hours for us to board and take off. And there would be no guarantees! Anyway, just in case our flight did not push through, I put our name on all flights' standby lists going to LAX. Boy, that was tiring coz I had to fall in line all the time and deal with crappy customer service (although not all of them sucked!) And the lines were hecka long! Then there was some hope because the delay was announced to be 4 hours instead of 6. And we waited. And waited. Finally, morning flight that was delayed was ready to board around 6 pm and our original flight was supposed to be 2 pm. Then they announced the long list of stand bys and I really didn't hope that we would get in because the gates were chaotic and we were probably on the final page of the list. But luckily enough, a lot of people either cancelled out or didn't show up when they names were called from the list so we finally got the flight to LA. Argh! Melodie and Michelle picked us up at LAX, and then we proceeded to my aunt's home and surprised her. She was very surprised and I'm glad. My sis-in-law gave her a dozen roses and we ate her kick ass dinuguan (which I missed so much), crab and fruit salad. I was starving and tired! Then my allergies were acting up and my ears clogged because of the flight and becuase of the ashes in the air. I just drank some Benadryl and had a good night's sleep...


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