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Friday, October 10, 2003

Wedding Day!

Such a beautiful day for a wedding! My older brother and I drove to San Francisco in the morning and tried to make it to my younger brother's wedding at SF City Hall. Such a nice building in the heart of San Francisco, with classical structures and golden trims. We were a little bit late because of the traffic so they moved it back a little bit. After 30 minutes, the ceremony was over! Then we headed to Red Herring restaurant (not Buca di Beppo) in SF Embarcadero at the Hotel Griffon to eat! They had a nice view of the bay bridge and the bay. We took pictures and told stories. Three of Jeff's friends were there too and Abby's lola. My dad doesn't even know yet about the wedding, hehehe, and Jeff just left a message on his voicemail while we were waiting for the judge. I still can't believe he's married! Whoa! I think they're going to Mendocino for their honeymoon. It's funny 'coz I'm remembering my own wedding in Reno and I didn't even have a reception, hehehe. Oh well, I'm just glad that we didn't have some expensive wedding ending to divorce! Hahaha...

My brothers and new sis-in-law.


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