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Thursday, November 20, 2003

Dental Appointment

I had to drive all the way to Daly City just to see my dentist today. My crown on my lower left tooth came off two days ago. Dr. Lei cemented it back. She is so nice! I like it when she handles my teeth because her hands are not as heavy as other dentists, and she talks to you all the time. She also popped in the video Signs with Mel Gibson while she did my teeth. And then I gave her my card coz she was interested in having a website done for her office...Cool! I hope she gets back to me regarding that. From the dentist, I went through a car wash and an employer finally called me and said that I am starting a new job on Monday. How quick, considering that I just applied for them yesterday! Can' wait! Don't know how long I'm gonna last though, hehehe.

At night, I called up Annabel since I was in the area. She suggested we eat dinner. Since he's still at work, I picked up my mail from my PO Box and then went to Elephant Bar to meet her. She had a sandwich and french onion soup, and I had jambalaya. The waitress was very nice but sometimes annoying because she kept asking us how's our food and she keeps smiling. Argh! Anyway, I went to Anne's place to hang out and check out some of the newer videos on MTV 2. Instead, we watched Friends. Anne would sometimes switch it to MTV 2 and we saw some cool bands like Elefant, which I missed at Popscene, Broken Social Scene, and Stars.


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