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Friday, November 21, 2003

Dr. Seuss' Cat in the Hat

Okay, so yesterday, I planned to watch Pieces of April starring Katie Holmes with Annabel but the whole day I was busy driving around with Liz to get an old MetroPCS phone reactivated again, plus change the cover of her AT&T phone. We encountered a lot of problems along the way, drove all the way to San Leandro for MetroPCS technicians who were sales talking us into buying a new phone and didn't even want to help us. Went back and forth to Freecomm in Fremont who helped us so much. This Vietnamese guy was so nice and very accomodating. I recommend that place coz they're good. Anyway, we were done around 7 pm and it was too late to even drive to SF and catch the next flick's next showtime. And I had to pick up Annabel and drive all the way to Embarcadero or West Portal for the movie. Plus, I was trying to avoid the peninsula area because of you-know-who. So I called Anne and told her my concerns. She understood. Later at night, Liz and Kuya Jon went to church to practice and came back around 9 pm. They wanted to watch a movie, so the kids and I changed immediately and we caught the late showing of Cat in the Hat. It was nice, I like the production design, and the wonderful ideas they had for the movie. Trully imaginative! And it was sort of funny at the same time. I think the kids got a lesson or two from the movie, I hope. It was a cute movie with Mike Myers playing the cat. What struck me most was when the cat had a crate that said 'Made in the Philippines' and a little dialogue about it.


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