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Monday, November 24, 2003

First Day at Work

Okay, today is the first day. I was assigned at Ross Inc. in Newark in the Accounting Dept. For a change, I get to learn some new stuff. I never really had accounting experience, hehehehe, and I just wanted to check it out just for kicks. I know I'm shallow but I was just happy to be using PeopleSoft, hahaha! I was lucky because on my first day, the company was also celebrating Thanksgiving by providing catered lunches to the whole company! That means hundreds of mouths to feed. And the foos was good! Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad, desserts, drinks, the works! Anyway, I met this cute guy at work and he was nice. Not sure if he's single but he did wear glasses and dressed simple and cool. He seemed smart too. I'm a sucker for those types! He did ask me some questions like if I was married and had kids, and we had some short conversations. My other co-workers were nice too. They helped me out with my training and whatever question I had, even if I bugged them! Anyway, the job was easy, and I still work as an independent contractor from my last job. I still need to finish pending projects. Oops, I almost forgot to send my invoices again.


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