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Sunday, November 09, 2003

Freestyle and Side A Concert

It was such a blast! I had fun...One of the sponsors of the concert called me up earlier to give me a free ticket next to the VIP seats but I had to decline because my brother already got me tix on the same seating area and they got one All Access pass and two Production passes care of my new sis-in-law, Abs. Her dad is Apo Hiking's drummer and one of the best drummers in the Philippines, playing for almost all singers you can think of. Freestyle's drummer is his student. And the lead singer is Abs best friend, even told her that he will be ninong to her baby, my pamangkin! Cool! Anyway, people were screaming at every song and at one point, everybody stood up to dance! It was soooo much fun! This is my fourth time to see Side A live and my second time to see Freestyle. And I still enjoy it! It was so worth it. After the concert, all of us went to Toppings to eat a late dinner....I am so full!

Side A frontman with Freesyle singer.

A concert photo pose for Abs.

My brother and Freestyle.


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