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Thursday, November 27, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so stuffed today! I can't believe I ate too much! I woke up early coz Brandon woke me up. Then I walked in the morning. Then I went to Vallejo to visit my dad and family and to celebrate Thanksgiving. I ate turkey, stuffing, gravy, corn, lumpia, etc. Jeff and Abbie were at dad's already when I got there and it was hecka traffic. I didn't even pay the toll going to Vallejo because I didn't have any cash. And I said to the toll man "Do you take credit?" Hahahaha, how funny! Then at my dad's place, we watched Bend It Like Beckham. I also had a chat with my sisters, all of whom are UC students taking some Asian American classes, while the eldest is minoring in it. They make me proud! We had a little conference regarding Asian Am issues. Natalie is also the Outreach Director for PAWA in UCLA. Cool! Then we went to Fremont for more Thanksgiving celebration, plus Brandon's birthday celebration. Man, I ate again! Then my tummy didn't feel so good. I took some Tums to help me and it did. I think its the undigested corn. The gang and visitors sang karaoke, and I played pool and had some drinks, just a little bit. And then my friend Anne passed by and slept over. Nicole bunked with us too.


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