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Monday, November 17, 2003

New Memory

Ah yes, today is memory day! I went through my stored boxes to look for old pictures so I can throw out bad memories, hehehe. While I was going through the pictures, I was reminiscent of my old days. During the day, I also passed by Best Buys to buy a memory chip for my old computer. How old is my computer you say? Its been around since 1998 - yup, that old. Although I have a newer laptop, I still like working on my desktop but its hecka slow! So I decided to get some new memory (256 MB) but it wasn't compatible with my computer. I got the right one, a PC100 SDRAM but the speeds did not match! I was disappointed and my computer almost crashed because it wasn't reading my hard drive. I got scared. Good thing it was just a loose connection and Kuya Jon helped me fix it. I got scared that all my programs and files would be wiped away. Thank God that did not happen!


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