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Monday, November 17, 2003

Night Out with Family

Oki doki, we had an open house so we had to leave and the whole family went to the Great Mall at Milpitas. I really didn't have any money at hand, but I managed to buy black pants at Old Navy. At night, Liz invited us to go to Ichiban in South City because its her friend's birthday! She had 4 friends that showed up plus Liz, Kuya Jon, Jeff, Annabel, Bobby, Christian, Laurene and Elaine. First time I've seen my friend, Bobby, after a year. Anyway, it was fun because the comedians were very funny, as usual. Too bad they didn't stay for the prime time show featuring Leonardo because he/she is very, very funny! Her friends wanted to dance so they suggested Tito Rey's, not sure until now why I went. But then I found myself dancing anyway, hahaha. Jeff had to go home early because Abs wasn't feeling very well and she's pregnant. Bob went home early too coz he had to take care of his uncle. The DJ sucked big time because he didn't know how to first, choose the songs, he didn't have a program, and he didn't know how to mix. Wondered how he got the gig, Geez!


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