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Sunday, November 30, 2003

No Open House

I am relieved that there is no open house today. I did not have to clean the room and I can wake up late today. Yipee! Anyway, I woke up late because Brandon didn't go upstairs and wake me up. How odd! Its not like him. Then I found out that he was running a 105 fever. Poor Brandon! He was also shaking while lying down. And very very quiet. Not like him alright. My cousin, Michelle, called in the morning to greet me a belated Thanksgiving. She was inviting me to move to LA with her. I told her that I'll think about it. I think she's moving on January.

Liz, Nicole, Ate Annabel, Kuya Ed, Keith, Nathan, Vince and I all went to The Great Mall in the afternoon to do some Christams shopping. There were less people in the mall compared yesterday. We passed by Gap and Old Navy. I am tired again! And broke! After the mall, we went to Ate Annabel's house. Then we proceeded to their next door neighbor's house to pick up some dessert and give them some PS games. I didn't know that she was Mon Alvir's older sister. Mon Alvir is this actor in the Philippines in the early 90's. His younger sister, Candy, was also an actress. I was suddenly star struck (even though I'm not really a fan) coz he was there, conversing with us (although I was mostly quiet). He was cute and tall. And he seemed like a normal person wearing just a shirt and jogging pants. And he was bare foot and sipping some soup which he also offered to us! His mom was also there, talking to us and joking around. I remember when I was in the Philippines in high school, me and my friends hung out at this Smokey's joint in BF, and Mon and Candy were there too, eating a sandwich right next to us! Hehehe. At night, I had a nice and long conversation with an old friend because we were reminiscent of 'ol times and 'ol friends. Because of this, later during the night, I went on Friendster to do some actual profile reading, answering long overdue messages, and writing some testimonials.


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