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Thursday, November 20, 2003

Ready, Set, Download!

Yeah, I miss Kazaa. I know I can't use that anymore but I just miss it. So I set out to download some songs I've been wanting to download for a while now. Early this morning, I downloaded the following:

Bituin Escalante - Kung Ako Nalang Sana (sorry folks, but I like it)
Pretty Girls Make Graves - This is Our Emergency
Death Cab for Cutie - The New Year
Interpol - NYC
Dandy Warhols - We Used to be Friends
The Strokes - 12:51
The Shins - So Says I
Hot Hot Heat - Talk to Me, Dance with Me
The Raveonettes - That Great Love Sound
Stellastar* - Jenny
Metric - Combat Baby
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Pin
BRMC - Stop
Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl?
Travis - Re-Offender
Outkast - Hey Ya!

Happy sound tripping to me! I'm getting sick of my other CD's. To see my old playlist, check out I am still looking for the following:

Elefant - Now That I Miss Her
Broken Social Scene - Stars and Sons
Stars - Elevator Love Letter
No Doubt - Its My Life


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