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Monday, November 10, 2003

Total Wreck!

Poor Christian, Liz's nephew. He got into an accident last Saturday night and we all went to Tracy the next day to check on him and see the car. He was very quiet and probably traumatized. He hydro-planed on that rainy day, did 360s, and a SUV hit the car on the side near the gas tank and driver's seat, plus the air bag didn't pop out. Deng! I WOULD be traumatized if I was in the same situation. When we saw the car parked outside, the whole back of the car was damaged and smashed and we were liike, 'Holy Shit!' He is still lucky though - he survived the crash. Thank God! Elaine, his mom, was hecka worried. And the car was still new, a silver 2002 Honda Civic. I suddenly remembered when the same thing happened to me coz I lost control. Good thing nothing hit me but the turns just got me traumatized and I was sooo shaky when I went home in the morning, sat on the carpet, still shaking, all alone...

At night, his friends visited him at home and Jeff and Abs passed by too. Even Liza's sister and nieces and nephew slept over. It was like a big party on a Monday night! Magic mics and karaoke singing and eating and telling stories, while the kids were either playing or watching videos. Liz's dad sang old Filipino songs. I didn't know he had a good voice. Now I know were Liz and her sister's get their nice voice from.


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