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Tuesday, December 02, 2003


This day is just the worst! First and foremost, I am not in the mood for jokes and it seems that I'm getting it everywhere I go today. I hate it, especially when I have my period! Yikes! What is up with people with no tact?!? I can't stand how people can just be so insensitive about other people's feelings. The funny part is that they think they are trying to cheer you up, then they'll say something to make it worse. Hahaha...Without them even realizing it! The worst people though are the ones who do it on purpose. For what reason you ask? To feed their big egos and tiny p****es. Fuck it! I feel sorry for those who are affected by this and by my mood today. My apologies. If I could only list all the insensitive remarks of the day! Then to top it off, I've been getting calls the whole day from some private number caller who would not even speak on the phone and would leave silent messages. You know who you are - speak up!

Brandon was rushed to the hospital tonight too because he couldn't walk anymore due to his illness. They diagnosed him with influenza. Anyway, Chrsitian also brought home a doberman puppy. How cute! I didn't know they could be so tiny! I am in such a bad mood because someone hacked into my wireless network! That son of a bitch!


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