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Sunday, December 28, 2003

Back to Washington

I almost went with them. But I had to stay because I had to help Kuya Jon pack and move stuff to Tracy. Woke up 3 am to cook breakfast - bacon, eggs, polish sausage, franks. Kuya Jon helped them load and arrange their luggage in the van. Then off they went. They got lost immediately and drove straight to San Francisco! I was teasing that they werecruising. They got to see Union Square though. So I guided them through the city and back into the bridge since I'm familiar with the streets. The finally found their way back and I heard that later during the day, they got lost in Oregon twice! But they finally made it safe and sound. Yeah, I kept checking. I watched some TFC and slept from 5 pm til 8 am the next day. I guess I was really tired.


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