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Monday, December 22, 2003

Big Fish, Little Fish, Swimming in the Water

Yup, PJ Harvey, for those who remember the song. This is what I was thinking when I was watching Tim Burton's movie Big Fish with a friend. He had these free passes for it at the Metreon. So might as well watch it right? We almost didn't get in because theys aid the theater was full, and then they told us to wait so they can check for extra spaces. It so happens that they did, but we had close seats though. It was kinda fun because Live 105 was there making jokes, had prizes for people like cool big fish t-shirts, beanies and posters. But we didn't get anything, hahaha. The movie was very touching and profound. I really liked it. It was based on the novel with the same title. By the time I got home, my relatives from Washington have arrived! They were all sleeping over at Jeff's house.


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