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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Call In Sick

I am not feeling very well today. I think I got the flu from Brandon. I went to Trader Joe's with Liz to buy some salad because I've been craving. I'm supposed to see the movie In America with a friend but I forgot because my mind is just so preoccupied. I finally got confirmation who the private number phone calls were from since he left a message. Thank you for that! I was right. At least I know you're alright. Saw Pirates of the Carribean on DVD even though I seen it already in the big screen just to see my husband #1 and 2 - Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, hehehe, in my dreams! The girl from Bend It Like Beckham and Love Actually, Keira Knightley, is just so pretty and cool! Then applied for jobs online til late at night. Once again, Mr. Private Number called again without speaking around 11-12 midnight. I think I'm calling in again tomorrow. I still don't feel well.


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