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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Christmas Eve

Woke up early to have breakfast with Jeff, Abs and Liz at Pinoy Pinay restaurant. Funny that they said they were still closed and Abs said, 'There's nothing you can do, I'm pregnant and I'm hungry. You have to feed me now!' And the guys there said, 'Oh you're pregnant? Oh, here's some food!' And they served all of us. Cool! We went to Ceasar's Palace while Liz went to church. Me and Abs went shopping for Jeff's gift (she bought him a Banana Republic jacket and a huge Spiderman action figure). Then went to Ate Joy's for a hearty lunch, then picked up my cousins Angel, Nannie, Tin Tin, Diane, her cousins, Paula and Junior, and Kuya Jerry to go back Ceasar's Palace coz Paula needed a Burberry bag. And she bought it for $400. Deng! Then we rode the Race for Atlantis ride and watched the show. We then met up with Ate Lucille who treated us for the rollercoaster ride in New York New York. It was hecka fun! Played some slots, table games and arcade. Uncle Boy won 2 huge teddy bears! We then went straight to Ron's house (Hazel's fiance's huge, huge house) for a Christmas Eve party! They hooked us up with excellent food - honey baked ham, lechon manok, macaroni sopas, fish, melon, sansrival, etc. We did some magic mic and then left for home after we were so partied out! I had so much fun! At night, Angel and Nannie slept over Liz's house to bond with us. It was girl's night out! We did some girl bonding and I interviewed them about their guys in their lives at present!


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