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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Customer Service

Had an argument with this MetroPCS rep Cassandra 43228 because they assigned my cell number to someone else just because I didn't pay for a day! And their policy is, they cannot recycle a number to someone else unless a phone has been disconnected for three months. Their argument was someone called on 11/07 requesting a number change. But that new number was never activated because as of this morning, I got calls from friends calling me using the old number. Whaddaheck! How wrong! I had important calls going to that phone. Now I have to update all my accounts and others to reflect my new number. Argh!

Because of this, Al paged Kuya Jon so many times out of panic. I guess everything happens for a purpose, and I guess it applied in this situation. Found out that Al's dad is in the hospital in critical condition. He had a stroke and is half paralyzed. I think the whole family went to the Philippines except him. I found out other sad things that happened...


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