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Sunday, December 21, 2003

Four Days Before Christmas (and counting)

Wow, this year was so fast! And very unproductive for me. I guess I just needed to relax (but not quite). This month I'm kinda stressing on where to live because we are all moving to Tracy by the end of this month. I will be further from the city - SF my love! Now I am considering living with Jep, but I'm not sure yet. For the meantime, Kuya Jon and family are gonna live with Liz's sis in Tracy for 4 months. That's a long time for me! I've been in Fremont only four months and I feel that its been along time already! Anyway, just when I was getting adjusted, I have to adjust again! Boo hoo hoo... But its okay, I'm used to it. I just want to get settled. I hate not being settled. Especially with the holidays coming up, I kinda miss Al, I must admit. He's been calling lately because he's not feeling the Christmas spirit. And this year, we won't have our traditional Christmas party with friends which we host annually. Oh well. I'm just glad that were going to Las Vegas, at least I get to see some family! But I just found out last minute (few minutes ago) that Liz is wishy washy about going there. But its fine coz I don't want to see her and Kuya Jon not together on Christmas day.

I'm still not feeling very well. In fact, I think it got worse coz I have this massive headache. Drank some theraflu and watched some A.S.A.P. on TFC. Hehehe. Then went to my room and it was such a mess. The worst mess ever! The kids just scattered their toys and food all over that I could not even see the floor! But Nicole helped me fix the mess and I put everything in a big bag and brought it downstairs, picked up their kalat so I could sleep in a clean room! I also need to catch up on my sleep. Its my fault to coz I'm entertaining late callers, some people calling me as late as 3 am! Whoa! And I'm supposed to be resting but I keep going out. yeah, my bad that's why I'm so sick now!


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