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Saturday, December 27, 2003

Goodbye Las Vegas

Woke up early to start travelling back to SF. I drove the van all the way to Fremont while Jeff drove the Expedition. I wasn't even tired at all! How wierd! We had some stop overs to put some gas and eat and stretch! As soon as we got to Fremont, we went straight to Island Pacific Supermarket to buy some cooked hot food. Auntie Tina shopped around for some Filipino goods to bring back to Washington, including a turbo broiler! Nannie and Diane and Jeff looked at Filipino Cds and DVDs at Reel Plus. Liza bought food at Goodah. Then went home and the family got to see Nicole and Brandon again. They were thrilled and happy to see the kids. Damon, the little kid that travelled with us to bring him to his momfrom LV to Washington, played with them. They were such a joy! We all watched the Julius-Tintin wedding on TFC and slept.


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