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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Happy Birthday!

Its Liz's mom's birthday today. Brandon woke me up in the morning and I wasn't feeling very well. I either have a stomach flu (coz I was in and out of the restroom and tossing and turning at 4 am) or just plain cough and cold and flu. Argh! I feel so weak! My throat is irritating me and I keep eating Ricola cough drops which kinda relieves me temporarily. I've also been taking some theraflu which makes me so sleepy. Supposed to go to a christening with Liz and Kuya Jon but I'm sick. Nicole is also sick. So while her parents are gone, I watch her for the meantime. Watched Bad Boys II on DVD. Kinda fell asleep in some scenes. Went with Liz to buy sushi at Miyaki for her mom's bday celebration at home. Also watched a rerun of ABS-CBN's 50th Anniversary celebration. Then fell asleep again while watching Lizzy McGuire with Nicole. Drank some medicine again. Chatted with some friends. Now I feel so sleepy.


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