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Sunday, December 07, 2003

Just Another Manic Sunday

Should be manic monday, but the word 'manic' best suits today...Watched some TV in the morning. 49ers won! Went to the mall with the family and I almost bought a pair of shoes. Whew! Good thing I controlled myself! At night, I went to SF with my sis-in-law to pick up my mail and drive her around San Francisco. Going back home, we passed by my fave ice cream joint, Mitchell's. I missed it so much! I love seeing the Christmas lights in the city. There's not much going on in Fremont. Then we went to Sinugba to buy some food. I forgot to pass by one area in SSF (since I was there already) to check out the famous Christmas lit houses on Chestnut Street. I need the Christmas spirit. If every year I try to create the spirit for my friends and family, this year is different and you know why...


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