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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Las Vegas Baby!

Today is the big day for travel! The whole family is going to have a reunion in Las Vegas! My family drove all the way from Washington to SF then from here, we are all going to LV. I drove half the journey. We had 2 vehicles, a van and an Expedition. We were originally going to bring Lizs BMW but kuya Jon our luggage would not fit. Ate breakfast at Ab's and Jeff's (eggs, tapa, fried rice, adobo). Was raining. Reached Primm Fashion Outlets and shopped around (for Burberry stuff, hehehe). Got to Ate Joy's whose house was huge. Looked like one of the houses on MTV Cribs! had a game room and all and the houses (plus the bathrooms) were hecka huge! Ate some dinner, left Uncle Boy and family there, and proceeded to Kuya Jon's house in LV. Tired, had some sleep right away.


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