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Saturday, December 20, 2003

Lord of the Rings

Notice below that I added a new member, my niece Nikki. She will be posting on my blog too. Yeah, saw the movie already (Return of the King) and it was great! I was touched (that I cried) at the scene were the whole kingdon was bowing down to the four hobbits. During the movie, in my mind I was saying, 'Go Sean-y, it's your birthday, go party like it's your birthday.' Just kidding. I was pleased to see that Sean Astin's role played a major part in the movie. I guess some comebacks are good. And in my mind during the war/fighting scenes, I was saying 'Its okay if everyone dies in the movie, just don't hurt Orlando Bloom! Hahahaha! I don't care about the rest of them. Anywayz, a friend of mine went to Fremont hecka early and he said 10:30. But he was here 9:30 am and I wasn't ready yet. So I rushed. The movie was sooo long. It was three and a half hours! After that we went to Tapioca Express coz I kept telling him about the place with their fried squid. And then we went to Rasputin's even though it was raining hard. I bought Electric Six, The Bluetones, Elefant, and Citizen Cope CDs all for a quarter each! Grabe! The we headed home and I am sooo sleepy but we still managed to watch Freaky Friday and Seabiscuit on DVD. I saw the former in the movies and the latter was touching, feel good, nice. Reminds me, I saw the trailer for Spiderman 2 and The Butterfly Effect in the theater and they both sound interesting. Then my friend called it a day. He had passes to see Big Fish by Tim Burton but its for Tuesday and I so wanted to see it but I can't coz I am leaving for Las Vegas on Tuesday morning with the whole family. I'm really excited too! Too bad!


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