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Thursday, December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas!

We slept the whole day to rest. I caught up with my sleep. Kinda. Then at night, we proceeded to Ate Joy's/Kuya Jerry's house to celebrate the Sales Christmas reunion. We brought Tita Vicky with us since her daughter, Reagan (my stepsister), couldn't make it from Hawaii. We had lechon at that party and beef brisket, leche flan, fruit salad, camaron, embutido, etc. We had drinks and lots of wine - the bubbly, some berry flavored white zinfandel, cabernet sauvingnon, some merlot, smirnoff vodka, etc. Did some magic mic, had strobes for dancing, and ate, ate, ate! I mainly took pictures, hung out with my cousins, and got them drunk (well not quite). Highlight of the night - Angel playing the violin while Hazel played the piano and the rest of the Sales tennagers sang Christmas carols choir-style. We left the party, bringing Lola with us, to sleep over at Liz's house.

The Sales' singing Christmas carols.

Auntie Tina, Lucille and son.

My cuz, Angel, on the magic mic.

Uncle Boy leading the electric slide.

Hey, is Angel drinking again?.


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