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Saturday, December 20, 2003

niki's different mystery feeling day!

Its my cool, awsam day! So anyway, it was church day. I had to wear this dress that I didnt like .(bla,bla,bla,bla,bla,BLA,BLA(short cut!!?) At church did i told you that i won an award for being an officer!(hehehehehe)!!? I went back home then i saw David and my other cousins watching a movie.But i wanted to do my (not really) homeworkand i wasnt watching the movie that i already watched that i think!So i got bord then i skipped some pages and skribbled on the paper.So i went to watch a little of the mvoie and then i went back to the kichen to get a writing,white board to play games on it with my cousin,ate Lara.Then i still got little board playing games from a long time but i mean a long,long, long time.I told my other coisin,cuya Cian if he wanted to go on the internet and he said yes.We went upstairs to play on the computer and we did.(bla,bla,bla,BLA,BLA,BLA)So i opened the tv and i didnt notice,two of my cousin came in and say,'Can i watch tv'and even i said,'NO'so they justed when i was watching tv.(a rip off!)Then i got heaka,heaka mad!!!!.......... (BLA, BLA, BLA, BLA, BLA, BLA, BLA, BLA, BLA) Then it was right now ,i'm feeling okay!NOW I FEEL MYSELF!my live is very lovely to be in1?........


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