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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

not having fun here people!

I'm just at my tita's house and her name is Annabell but I just call her tita Bell for short. So anyways, I'm @ her house and I'm bord,do you no wie? Because, when I play with my couzins and brother, they just run away from me and even I don't like that. And my couzin's and brother's names are 10 year old Kuya Cian, Kuya Vincent, 5 year old little brother Brandon, and finally 3 year old baby couzin, Keith.Then so I just ask if I can go online on the computer and type about my day.Later on I feel a little better typing on the computer and even sometimes I get confuse and also sometime tierd typing. Then I maked homework for Brandon then when he goes back to school, he would no everything and also I wouldn't be more bord but really I will get bord later on though.!? And I tried almost everything that i can do and I will tell you,what I tried...I tried drawing with baby Keith,watch tv WITH BABY KEITH,and go to sleep but I can't because there is too much noise!It was night, I took a shower, called my dadio to bring me clothes because I didn't have no clothes to wear after I tooked a shower. Fouth, all of us watched a movie called 'NATIONAL SECURITY', and it was awssome. Finally, it was sleeping time and then day ended by sleeping quietly.

And that was about my (NOT FUN) day!


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