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Friday, December 05, 2003

San Francisco Visit

Oh my gosh! I just realized. I forgot to pick up my mail while I was there. Duh! Anyway, today is the day I visited SF. Went to SF State to take care of some stuff. Then proceeded to Arkipelago Books to buy myself a book, Going Home to a Landscape and some children's books for the kids. Met some folks too, a film maker and a community supporter. They were inviting me to join a parol making workshop but it was gonna last until 9 pm. They were also inviting me to go to Bindlestiff because they have a poetry event going on. But I can't make it to either. Also stalled and hung out coz I was gonna meet my friend at 7 pm to watch the movie In America at the Embarcadero. It was a good movie. I almost cried. Anyway, before that, I went to Virgin Records to check out some CDs and meet another friend. I wanted to buy the DVD, 24 Hour Party People, and he was gonna buy it for me, but I told him not to. After the movie, I met my friend again and hung out. Oh, and today is another tactless day. I still can't believe why people could be so tactless! Argh!


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