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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Shopping Weekend

I went shopping with my friend Monique even though I didn't have any money! Hehehe. She picked me up in the morning and I went with her to Daly City. She had to take care of something there. Then we proceeded to Serramonte to meet with Annabel, ate lunch, chatted and walked around. They shopped for Christmas presents. We went to Tatak Pilipino, Manila Eatery for some Mitchell's ice cream, Old Navy and Marshall's in Colma. Then we went to Lefty's Sports Store in San Bruno because Mo wanted to buy a Jerry Rice card for her 8 year old son. Then ate some dessert at Red Ribbon. Yum! Then we went home. Mo also hung out at home and wrapped her gifts. Hope she didn't get in trouble for staying out late!

At night, I was watching Saturday Night Live and Elijah Wood was their guest. He was actually funny. Another delightful surprise for me was that their guest musician was the band Jet. Cool! Too bad I couldn't finish watching the show because I suddenly fell asleep. I am not feeling very well.


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