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Friday, December 19, 2003


Still sick, but feeling better. No fever but just cough and colds. Went to Brandon's Christmas program in school. I was camera happy! Took still shots and short mpegs of his performance. He forgot some lines and I thought it was really cute! He was dancing and singing Christmas carols. And to think they don't celebrate and believe in Christmas. Oh well. Then went to Dave and Buster's to meet Liz's classmates and instructor. Played a few games and went home so I can get ready to meet Anne in Daly City. We ate at Todai, a Japanese Seafood restaurant, and she treated me coz she had a coupon from her friend. Cool! Of course, I went straight for the lobster and creme brule! Hehehe...Then after being so full, we went to Target to walk around and met up with Bob who was shopping for gifts for his family. Then hung out at Anne's place to watch Subterranean on MTV 2. Nice...Passed by my PO Box to get my mail and I got Xmas cards from my Dad and Jesusa! She gave me a nice little present, something I need! Thanks so much! At night, left messages for Al and just declared my undying love by playing Death Cab's The New Year, Pretty Girls Make Graves' This Is Our Emergency, and Elefant's Now That I Miss Her. Yeah right, like the songs were really connected! Anyway, after watching at Anne's, I just tripped on seeing this band on MTV2 called Kill Kelada and I think the song was Red and Black.


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