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Friday, December 12, 2003

Thank God Its Friday!

Oki Doki. Dropped off my nephew to school, then headed for Palo Alto to meet a former Manresan batchmate, Michelle, for lunch at La Bodeguita del Medio. It is a Cuban restaurant that I recommended to her and is famous for their mojitos! But I didn't drink, of course! I wanted to though but I had to drive to Sf and back and it was too early to drink! I had their sea bass special and she had steak. Then two of her co-workers went in and joined us unexpectedly. A little awkward for me, but otherwise fun. Both of them ordered the special too and it was good! Mmmm...

Since I was in the peninsula area already, I proceeded to my PO Box to pick up my mail. Then went to my bank to deposit my check, bought Q magazine (with a free 2003 CD including the Darkness, the Thrills, etc.) at Barnes and Noble. Got interested in looking at their Cranium game for sale. Read Madonna's first children's book The English Roses. Went straight to Target to buy a my scene doll (Chelsea) for Nicole as a Christmas present, and a matchbox set for Brandon. Then drove to Embarcadero to meet with a friend and watched Pieces of April starring Katie Holmes. It was a good movie, made me tear up at the end and think about my relationship with my mom. Then we went to Sinugba to meet with Annabel and eat dinner. Then we all went home. The end.


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