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Thursday, January 29, 2004

The Alarm

Popscene's record release party of Starsailor is tonight. Wish I could've went (to get free stuff, hehehe) but I didn't. But went to Sf to meet with Dong and he went with me to have my car brakes replaced. I could hear the metal already. Talked to my friend May - yipee! Haven't talked to her for a while. Also got an invite to Nilo and May's (another friend) kid's christening party. Wow, last time I saw her was in Great America last year and she was still pregnant. I guess she gave birth already. Not sure if I'm going coz the Evite said 'Cindy and Al'...Oh well...But the highlight of my day was watching (again) Bands Reunited with The Alarm. Oh boy, what a sight! But I wish they sang Absolute Reality and Rain in the Summertime.


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