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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Back to School Blues

Woke up too early to make it to my class that starts at 9:30 am. Got to Cal State early so I chatted on the phone but everyone was still asleep. It is a Saturday anyway - and I'm in school! Bummer. Got off at around 4:30 pm and was ready for The Thrills concert at Slim's. Liz called to ask me to go to a party that they're at but couldn't because I didn't want to miss the band again. When I got there, it was sold out! I was so bummed out when I saw the sign at the door. And I double checked at the window. Nope. Too bad my tix hook up and friend Noy is in London for three months. This is the third time I missed their concert! Deng! So I just picked up my mail and a package for Jep at a friend's house. Went home disappointed. slept late still regretting about the concert and the fact that I had to redownload most of my software again to my laptop since I had to reboot it. Anyway, mystery caller called again, this time leaving a message and he was angry. He ain't a mystery caller anymore.


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