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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Bands Reunited

Okay, what did I do today? Hmm...Nothing much. I wanted to do some stuff but I got lazy, hehehe....I just surfed the net most of the time. Watched VH-1's Bands Reunited with A Flock of Seagulls. I was touched. They were old. I remember seeing them few years back, but just the lead singer with different members at the Cow Palace in SF with Al. On the show, the original members were gonna reunite. Picked up Abs around 3. Almost got lost, still trying to get use to the neighborhood. Then went to the post office to pick up my mail coz I'm waiting for this software. Still not in the mail. Will try again on Friday so I can pick up my check too. Missing someone a lot today...And I think I know why...Coz I have my period! No wonder I wasn't in the mood for a few days now...

Mystery caller (which isn't really a mystery) strikes around 12 midnight and again around 1 am calling frquently but not answering. Oh well...


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