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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Burning Blues

Okay, I had the chance to see Dramarama reunite again on VH-1's Bands Reunited...How glad was I to watch it. I felt goosebumps all over, especially when they sang Anything, Anything...I was a teenager all over again! Then they sang Last Cigarette. My brother felt the same way. I was wow! And they're old. Thank you Dramarama for the special treat. And screw the egotistical bassist! Went to Dong's at night to borrow his acoustic CD from the Philippines so I can download it. I ended up burning more than what I asked for, hehehe. To thank him, I treated him to some french fries and strawberry shake at In n' Out. At night, I slept around 4 am just to download this video of the song called Cry by Mandy Moore featuring Regine Velasquez at the MTV Asia Awards. Then I fell asleep and it wasn't done yet. Just left it downloading overnight.


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