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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Butterfly Effect

Went to lunch with an old co-worker at Cheesecake Factory and caught up with each other. Hung out at her place (even took a shower). Mystery caller called again around 3 pm. Left to meet with another friend to watch The Butterfly Effect starring Ashton Kutcher. He is such a hottie! I swear that you can see Ashton's pubs! The movie was very interesting and I thought it was good, the story unique, and Ashton was a serious actor this time. He also produced the movie. Ate at Chevy's, chatted and went home. Missed the Golden Globes but made it home in time to see best comedy movie (Lost In Translation which is one of my faves), and best drama movie (Lord of the Rings, another fave). Liz called earlier to tell me to go Tracy coz they have a party but I decided to go tomorrow instead.


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