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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Day Off

Abs is off today so when we woke up, she asked me to go with her to Berkeley. I haven't been there for quite some time (since the Morrissey concert at the Greek Theater and since I started getting my eyeglasses at Westlake) so I was excited. After a hearty Australian corned beef breakfast, we went to Telegraph Ave., parked by Durant, and walked around. The stores were still closed but Rasputin wasn't, hehehe...I wanted to buy a bunch of CDs but they didn't have a quarter bin or $1.99 bin like Fremont does. Anyway, I bought The Spinanes (coz I only had a cassette tape that Bob gave me long, long, long time ago) and The D4 for $3 each. I was happy enough. Then we walked around some more. I had fun at Urban Outfitters. I haven't been there for awhile either (since getting married, hehehe). Abs bought this Wonderbread container for sandwiches. It was such a cool concept that I told her to buy 2, hehehe. They had really cool stuff there. Anyway, we got hungry so we ate at this Korean restaurant there and it was hecka good! Then kuya Jon called coz he wanted to have a POA notarized. But I told him I was in Berkeley and I told him that I can go and notarize it for him but he said its okay. But later on, we met with Liz. Abs and Liz had their hair cut short then we ate Chinese. Kuya Jon met with us at the restaurant after work. Christian dropped him off and went to work. After eating, we did some errands and then I dropped them off at Ate Annabel's so they can get their car and drive home. Me and Abs went home. Bob called and told me that since we missed Vilma's party last Sunday, if we wanted to meet with her for dinner at her house today. I consented but I didn't have a gift. After resting (and watching the cool reunion of Berlin), I changed my mind about going because I was tired and I still need to shop for a gift for Larivel's birthday. Plus, I wanted to see the reunion of Romeo Void (you think I am gonna miss that for the world?) I was crying on both reunion shows, I don't know why. Maybe I started reminiscing about high school again, about the Philippines and the new wave scene, about how old I am, about the fun past, about the coolest memories I had in my lifetime...Then I started reminiscing about Al and our fun times, and the only person I can relate to...


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