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Friday, January 30, 2004

Errand Day

Jep woke me up when he called me from his work to ask me if I could drop off Abs medicine which she left. I was glad that he did call because I almost overslept and I had an appointment to have my brakes fixed. I dropped it off and she gave me lots of sliced fruit with cottage cheese. Yummy, although I wasn't hungry yet. Then went straight to the bank to get some money for the brakes. My hook up, Don, called to check on me. Finally got to Kwang's, the mechanic. He is a good mechanic, and honest one too, and cheap one too, and very quick too. I gave him a $10 tip and he wouldn't accept it at first, but I insisted. Then met up with Al who went with me to Costco to have my tires changed. But the wait was long and I didn't have enough money, so I changed my mind and will come back Sunday. Then ate some Dimsum at Grand Palace in SSF, one of my fave dimsum place. When we got there, it was closed and there was a sign saying that they moved a few blocks from where they originally stood. When we got there (walked all the way and had a nice stroll - in the cold), we entered this place that was just magnificent! The new place was nice with chandeliers all over, a terrace, a second floor balcony, and a huge, huge fish tank. Al asked when they moved and the hostess said 2 months ago. The place sure looks grand. It looks spiffy and nice, fit for an elegant Chinese banquet. Anywayz, we strolled again after lunch on Grand Ave. and checked out a music store. I wanted to buy an acoustic guitar for Jep but the instruments were expensive there. I saw this Roland digital keyboard which was such a delight that I wanted it on the spot. But it was $500! Sayang! Maybe next time (when I win the lotto, hehehe). Then I went back home to do my homework last minute and was speeding on the freeway to make it to my class. And I did! I enjoyed the class very much! I am learning a lot. Some stuff I know already...


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