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Friday, January 09, 2004


Hahaha...That's what my Tita Luz called it when all of us are moving out from the Fremont house. It was chaotic but fast. Kuya Jon rented a truck. We boxed up more stuff. The biggest challenge it transporting the big screen TV to the truck. Four people had to do it - slowly. Slept after a tiring afternoon - probably our last night there. Nicole slept with me in the room. I could not sleep that well so I watched the DVD I borrowed, Babette's Feast. I was only in Fremont for four months but I will surely miss it!

Earlier during the day, I saw Al at South San Francisco. We just bonded, talked about everything again and plans for the future. We ate at Jollibee, picked up my mail, went to the bank, hung out at the library and renewed my library card, borrowed some CD's (Beck, Bjork, 2 Elvis Costello) and DVD's (Babette's Feast, Gosford Park, Buena Vista Social Club) in the library. Then went home to help move and pack stuff.


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